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Hear The Sound Of Saving Money


Your equipment is telling you how to save money. Can you hear it?

MISTRAS’ Smart Leak Finder is an advanced acoustic emission (AE) device, specially designed to keep you informed of your asset’s leak and condition data as cost-effectively as possible. The Smart Leak Finder interfaces directly with Android devices through a USB connection, and users can listen to the sounds that are telltale signs of equipment damage. There’s no need for a secondary data imaging unit: all your data is just a tap of the finger away, ready to be shared through email or even a text message. It is a device truly built for the modern day, making leak detection as easy as checking your phone.

The Smart Leak Finder is a versatile device, with applications for a multitude of assets. It detects leaks in valves, piping, storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels or any other piece of equipment suspected of leaking, along with uses for rotating equipment failure and termite detection.

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Leak Detection


Assets like tanks, vessels, pipes, and valves don’t only leak steam: they leak money. MISTRAS’ Smart Leak Finder lets operators stay informed of their equipment’s condition whenever they suspect a leak, preventing lost profits and enabling more informed maintenance decisions. Instead of waiting until evidence of a leak appears in the form of costly and difficult repairs, the Smart Leak Finder lets you use your smartphone to always stay one step ahead.


Rotating Equipment Fault Detection

There’s never a good time for rotating machinery failure. With the Smart Leak Finder, asset inspection can be as fast as the speed at which your turbines, pumps, compressors, and engines spin. By simply checking your phone, you can quickly and easily receive early warning of bearing faults and detect associated machinery issues, saving you time and money while you prevent a major mechanical setback.


Termite Detection


By plugging your headphones into your phone, the MISTRAS Smart Leak Finder gives you the capability to instantly determine whether or not you have a termite problem by listening to audio signals coming from the damage. With such speedy and simple recognition, you can identify an issue and terminate it before any long-term damage is done to your facility.

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The Smart Leak Finder comes equipped with a specially-designed Android application that makes collecting and reading leak data simple.

The app graphs, displays, and trends real-time ASL/RMS data. It also outputs an audio signal, which operators can hear through wired or Bluetooth headphones. Users can sort historical leak data by individual asset, leak location, or the time and date previous measurements were taken. Operators can also predetermine dangerous leak thresholds that trigger audio and visual alarms. The app keeps you informed of leak conditions and the rate they may be worsening, providing the data you need to make informed maintenance decisions.

The custom software also helps you keep your costs down, as there’s no need for costly data analysis systems. Once you have the device, everything you need is in the palm of your hand.

Purpose-built Android app
Instant leak RMS/ASL waveform display
Listen to leak audio
Graphic displays and data trending
User-specified leak threshold alarms
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MOBILE COMPATIBILTY if-caret-down-1608603.png

The Smart Leak Finder takes advantage of today’s interconnected world. Facility operators may not always be on site, but they still have to know the condition of their assets at all times. The Smart Leak Finder simplifies that process, by allowing individual readings or entire graphs to be easily shared through mobile devices through emails or text messages. Files are saved in ASCII format, and can be read with Microsoft Excel. Data can also be linked to the Internet of Things, creating a truly mobile leak detection solution.

Full-speed USB interface
Internet of Things Compatibility
Data storage, sorting, and sharing
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